I love hearing about what’s brought you to me. Why you like body hair. All your secret fetishes and curiousities and how we can have the best time possible together.


I love to take my time with new lovers, I’ll get you relaxed with a nice beverage or cannabis if you like, while rubbing your shoulders and decompressing about our day a bit. A time to exhale and let out the stress (especially in this time!) I’m sure you have some questions for me, you've been dying to meet me, right?


I lead your face to my fragrant armpits and let you take your time inhaling, licking, kissing and worshipping them. I require all lovers to thoroughly worship my body head to toe with their mouths and hands before I permit them between my legs or dare touch between theirs. The time to worship the goddess has come. 


Once I’ve had my fill of you I’ll need a rest, perhaps a puff. I’ll let you feed me some organic fruit I’ve brought or massage my feet. Maybe this would be a treat for you as well? I adore having my toes sucked.


Shoot my assistant, Allison an email at to find out if a trip on the 'Sinful' side is exactly what you need. 

I need to pee and let you know this is your opportunity to taste my golden nectar. You leap up in excitement and lay down in the bath where I straddle your face and let my gilded stream run down your face or chest depending on your preference. After a sensual shower together where we caress, kiss and wash every little part of each other. I fondle you in the shower, tease you with my touch, your cock, your asshole.


I lead you back to the bed where I take my time pleasuring you. You’ve been curious about the pleasures of the prostate, perhaps you have some experience. Either way I will gently guide into what is likely to the most erotic experience of your life. If you’re the kind of guy who loves to receive pleasure from and be the plaything of powerful women, you’ve just discovered the ultimate way!

For the slightly more experience prostate player you'll enjoy my ferocity as a strap on top. 

I put on my cock and let you suck it, alternating between licking my hairy armpits, sucking on my toes and sucking my cock. You have to get me hard to fuck your tight ass, right?


I lay you on your back and fold your legs back, you can tell I’ve done this before, I kiss you passionately, my tongue deep in your mouth. I slowly glide into your hungry hole, whispering sweet nothings in your ear and kissing your face. I fuck you till you cum.  


After working your prostate with my magic, I lay you down on the bed to take my own orgasm from you. Once we are both done we collapse in a heap of sweaty indulgence and cuddle and talk until it’s time to go.