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Take a deep breath, let oxygen and my natural pheromones fill your lungs as you relax into my embrace. You have entered another world; a world that exists only to fulfill our desires; together.


When we meet you will be surprised at how relaxed I am and how engaged I am with you, both in body and mind. I laugh easily and often, am naturally affectionate and I have been told time and again that my brilliant, every changing hazel eyes are mesmerizing. I’ve always been a highly sensual person and passionate about many things, including but not limited to the carnal.


In a society that encourages self-repression, I am the antidote. 

I have many sides to myself; from goofy girlfriend to commanding goddess, and everything in between. I love finding out what turns you on. 


I have a gentle or firm touch, depending on your tastes and a hunger that is never satiated. My disarming confidence will bring you to your knees. Whether your preference is a heartfelt connection with a beautiful woman, teaching and sensual touch or rough and dominant, let’s explore your desires, fantasies, your hidden fetish!


I have an undeniable intuition that I use to pull you just enough out of your comfort zone to really experience what it is you are desiring. I revel in the power of teasing. In fact, in turns me on immensely to tease someone who worships me and thinks I’m beautiful.

My favorite clients are the ones who come to me with respect and a desire to forge a long lasting relationship. Then we can really dive deep together.

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1 hour .......... 800

1.5 hours .......... 1100

2 hours .......... 1400

3 hours .......... 1800

4 hours .......... 2200

5 hours .......... 2600

6 hours .......... 3000

7 hours .......... 3400

8 hours .......... 3800

16 hour overnight + breakfast in bed (8 hours of sleep) .......... 4,500

a full day(24 hours) 6,000

a weekend 10,000

'Out on the town' .......... 200 // hour

Incall available in all locations.

Please inquire within if you do not see your desired session length listed. I'd love to hear your fun ideas for a date and will happily give you a custom quote.

1 hour minimum for sessions in Santa Rosa anytime.


3 hour minimum sessions in SF Bay Area/San Jose anytime.

1 hour minimum sessions during Tour.

I only do overnights with admirers I have met with before. Please keep in mind that any date 4 hours or longer requires a meal at the beginning or end and/or a substantial break in activities to eat! 

*New* Fly Me To You 

You cover roundtrip airfare at a reasonable hour from Sonoma County Airport and a 3 star+ hotel for one night.

Be ready to plan in advance my friends, I'm a busy bee!

Preferred Cities: $1,400 booking minimum (hotel fee waived for Minneapolis, Columbus and Seattle)

West Coast: $2,200 booking minimum

Mid-Country: $3,000 booking minimum, 2 nights hotel

East Coast: $4,000 booking minimum, 2 nights hotel 

Preferred Cities: Honolulu, Miami, Minneapolis, Columbus, Portland, Seattle, Albuquerque

Curious? Shoot my assistant, Allison an email at MeetNikkiSilver@gmail.com to learn more. 

I am pansexual and available to couples, women , gender queer and trans folk and do not discriminate based on race, gender, sexuality, ability status or body size 

I offer discounted sessions for queer/trans folks, as well as other providers. please contact me directly for more info!

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Please note: Money exchanged is for time only. With reference to CA Penal Code section 647(b) and CALJIC, the services discussed herein do not in any way include or relate to either: (1) engagement in any lewd act for money or other consideration, or (2) Solicitation, offer, or agreement to engage in any lewd act for money or other consideration.