• Nikki

Summer Sun

Hey you all!

Well, I had planned to be on summer vacation already but I took so many impromptu trips in the spring that I had a backlog of editing I had to get done and my trips were delayed by about a month. Ugh! I did manage to do some fun things in there but I wasn't able to blaze off in my new subaru outback. So I just finished up everything and am leaving to go farm and hang out with Jane in the woods! It is an exciting day though because Harley and Kisa's content comes out this week! I'm so happy with how this all turned out.

Anyways, it's Leo season! You know what Leo's are like right? Passionate, like attention, dramatic, over the top, amazing lovers? Sounds like me!

I had a great birthday, on a boat with some friends. We found a secret cove and got but naked and jumped off a rope swing, it was SO FUN! Been having lots of sex lately, with regular lovers I have here in the Bay and some new one's! Men, women, trans people, all of it! Give it to me!

If you missed my birthday and would like to get me a present you can check out my wishlist here. I've been reading a TON this summer so books are always welcome, and of course anything else I have listed. CLICK HERE

And, as always you can follow my twitter at twitter.com/xnikkisilverx

I hope you have a glorious and hairy last month of summer filled with lots of sexiness and fun!

lots of hairy love,




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