• Nikki

Spring has Sprung

Hello everybody!

I hope you have been getting outside and enjoying some of this lovely spring weather if indeed, you live in a place that is warming up! It is getting so nice and hot where I am. I have been finding myself yearning to take off my clothes and frolick naked in my yard, and sometimes, I do just that!

I recently was laying in my hammock which is on the creek between my neighbors property and mine and the warm sun felt so good on my skin! I can't help it, water and sun just make me so horny. I kept an eye out and look cautiously around my neighbors yard but I didn't see anyone. So I decided to go ahead and give myself a lovely rolling orgasm right there on the hammock! I got a blanket to cover my lap and slipped my hand inside my shorts. First caressing the playing with the lovely soft hairs of my bush as I am aught to do. Then reaching down to my clit which was already soaked in my juices as I was already so turned on. I applied light pressure in a circle before exploring my pussy with a finger... and then another finger, pushing in at my g-spot and then coming back up to my clit for a few faster circles, then back inside my wet pussy for some upward thrusting towards the g-spot. Alternating this while searching the yard for neighbors, I knew I could get caught but nothing, and I say NOTHING is better than orgasms with the sun on your skin. NOTHING. So I risked it and came in a few crashing convulsions, after some intense G-spot stimulation and fast clit rubbing. I was spent but luckily I was already in my hammock and ready to relax for the afternoon.

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