• Nikki

Rainy NY

Hey y'all!

So, I'm in New York and it is quite dreary out. This sunshine baby is not built for winter. So I'm sitting in a coffee shop, day dreaming and researching sunny spots (Hawaii?) to do some farming this winter. Any suggestions? Do you own a farm in Hawaii? (seriously, contact me)

My trip here has been lovely. I met with some great old friends and some sexy new ones. Really been feeling extra in touch with my sexuality lately and really enjoying all the attention I'm getting. I think I'm really coming into my 'womanhood,' haha!

Making plans to go visit Jane soon. She has become of my best friends and lives in a beautiful spot in the woods so I will definitely need some hairy pussy, best friend in the woods time after this NY trip!

Tonight though I am headed up state with a friend and we are going to the woods tmrw! I plan to get totally naked and run through the tree's, let the grass's brush my hairy legs and pine branches whip at my butt. My big fluffy bush always protects my tender pussy!

I'm working on some partnered shoots for this winter. A femdom scene with me and a man and a lesbian scene of freya and myself, I will make a specific post asking for input on both soon and have a big collection of all your requests! - (have I got this right? lots of tongues out girl/girl kissing, looking down, face buried in bush shots, and you didn't ask for it but I want to do some hairy bush scissoring! I actually recently discovered how pleasurable it is!)

All the best, Nikki

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