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Quick Update

Hello friends!

I am writing a quick update because I am just so, so busy. I am really working hard to get content edited and scheduled for the spring and summer so I can devote all my spring and summer time to shooting and going on adventures and traveling! Summer has come super early here and I've been trying to get outside in the sun every second I'm not working on NaughtyNatural!

I hope you had a beautiful full moon weekend, I certainly did!

May as well tell you a quick sexy story tho, I recently got this cat sitting gig up in a beach town near me and I invited a few friends, including a hairy lady I'm dating from time to time. So she and a bunch of her friends and my housemate came up n it was just a bunch of hairy, lady loving ladies hanging out on the beach and in the hot tub. While it didn't quite turn into the orgy I was hoping for, I did have lots of fun with my lady friend and we were certainly all flirty and naked. It was fun to be eating her hairy pussy in the bedroom and her moaning loudly while all our friends were in the room next door. All this while the full moon shown down on us!

I've also recently started volunteering at this wildlife rehabilitation center that cares for native wildlife. They take in injured wild animals, rehab and release and have a number of resident animals who cannot be released due to permanent injuries (like blindness) or being too habituated to human contact/food/comfort etc. For instance there is a beautiful little gray fox(type native to this area) who was a pet! Which is a big no no - do not get a fox pet! Anyways, he lives at the center now but loves people. He jumps on my back and licks my ear and wants to be petted and play. Basically a super adorable dog-cat - pretty magical getting to interact with wild animals like that.

Most of the animals are not at all like that and want to keep their distance but I still love being around them and helping improve their quality of life and care for them!

Talk to ya soon!


Here are some pics of Jane and I on our Florida vacation this past winter.

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