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Hey everyone,

OK, so I figured I'd write a bit about some of my private interests, as requested by a member.

First off - I moved! I am now living in Northern California is tiny farming town (population 600-800) My neighbors have 200 acres and a herd of sheep and I am seeing what it's like to live rurally, as I don't have much experience. I'm very very happy with the move but the fires this summer, were very scary for me. I am doing a lot of thinking about what it means to live rurally in a place that is so likely to burn.

So, I am all about living in harmony with nature. I spend, basically all my free time, either enjoying nature or working on learning skills that will enable me to live more harmoniously with nature. I'm really into Permaculture (look it up) I obviously love gardening because one day I don't want to buy any of my vegetables. I do eat meat and am working on getting over my squimishness around killing animals but in the meantime I buy meat from a local, organic, grass fed ranch, and eggs from my friends farm!

I planted the biggest garden I’ve ever had in my new house and am already eating from it. Very exciting to have so much space! And we have fruit tree’s and grapes here as well.

I can't imagine this comes as a surprise given all my outdoor shooting. I shoot outside because it makes my quality of life better to be outside a lot!

I love to hike and swim and have been slowly getting more into backpacking but there's a lot to consider there. You have be very prepared and with these fires this past summer, there's an added risk. Also as a woman, or even just alone person I have to be aware of my surroundings and ready to defend myself.

Some fun facts - I'm actually a brown belt in karate. I did it in high school and regularly had bloody noses and black eyes from sparring. True, I don't currently train but I have dabbled in many martial arts over the years. Compared to your average person, I am more capable in a fight than you might think. I used to teach women’s self defense as well, though I could certainly use a brush up on that. Did you know many women have never thrown a punch or yelled aggressively as loud as they could?

Another interest of mine is clearly women's empowerment on all levels.

I have a small creek behind my house so my morning routine is now to run every day and then jump in the creek. Yes, it’s getting a bit cold out but I love cold water, and I am a mermaid.

I love sleeping outside whenever possible and have a tent set up on my back porch for this reason.

Being as I moved to a place with lots of rivers I am considering getting a kayak for the winter! It’s such a great way to view birds! I am also an amateur birder. As well as an amateur herbalist and naturalist in general. I love ID’ing plants and harvesting (ethically) what I can.

This year I harvested bay nuts, they are super delicious.(google it)

Are you catching the drift that I am A FREAK FOR NATURE.

Next episode - what else does Nikki like aside from nature?



Your Hairy Mistress of Fun

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