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My first time with another girl

The first girl I ever had sex with, I was 16 and she was 21 or 22? I had met her online at a new defunct gay dating site. Let’s call her Rebecca for the sake of this story. She was a little taller than me, with straight, bleached blonde hair that was about shoulder length and swooped to the side. She had a lot of ear piercings and I’m sure more below the neck I can’t remember right now. OK, definitely at least one nipple piercing. She had very large natural breasts but was quite thin otherwise. She had a tomboy kinda style.

She was Italian and actually had pretty dark and thick body hair. And of course, it was all fully grown out. We all have our roots!

Our first date was in New York City, we just floated from coffeeshop to coffeeshop talking and sneaking cuddles and kisses in the streets. I remember being entranced with simply how to felt for our hands to touch and gazing at our fingers tips touching each other from across the table. Ah, being 16!

We dated for about a month but she lived in upstate NY so never went to either of our houses(indeed we both lived with our parents). Finally, on Valentines Day, she was playing guitar and singing at an open mic in the city (i.e. Manhattan). Afterwards we shared a cab back to our respective stations.

We got stuck in traffic and the ride ended up being much longer than we thought it would be. The sexual tension had been building for a month or more, making out on street corners, grinding our thighs into each others crotches in a frantic attempt to stimulate each other.

I probably told her I loved her or something similarly cheesy, and she pinned me down in the back of the cab, kissing me softly and whispering in my ear that she wanted to touch me, to make me feel good. A rush of warmth overwhelmed me and I remember feeling my pussy actually gushing.

She put her hand down my pants and caressed my bush, pushing her fingers through the hair before very gently touching my clit. I had already drenched myself so the tip of her finger easily slid over the bump of my clit. She slide her finger back and forth, applying just slightly more pressure each time.

I tried to keep quiet but it was too much, I was squealing and moaning, never having been touched by another person before! Just as I thought I couldn’t take it anymore she slide not one but 2 fingers into my pussy! Luckily I was a voracious masturbator and had already penetrated myself with just about everything I could find so it didn’t hurt but it did make me cum right away!

Sadly I had to get on a Long Island Rail Road train and head back home to my parents house right after! Glowing in the warmth of my first sexual experience!

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