• Nikki

Initiation into the Hairy Sisterhood

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

I had the most fabulous weekend with some of my hairy bestie's in order from left to right: Jane Vervain, Mistress Fox and Freya Mars.

A generous gentlemen whom I've had the pleasure of building a lovely relationship with for years, rented some property for us for the weekend, out in the woods, totally private on acres of land so we could run around and frolick naked! There was a pond, a hot tub and a wood stove!

Without sharing too much intimate details I will say that we definintly initiated D into our hairy sisterhood. Through a series of acts of service, like licking our hairy pussy's and letting us use his cock to orgasm, from enduring physical discomfort and elation, like jumping in the cold pond, wax play, and lots of spanking, and finally with taking all manner of toys and hands in his greedy little asshole! Of course ending with lots of time in the hot tub, cuddling and kissing and eating delicious, healthy food!

I just added the page 'Escape' to my website, as I really love planning these weekends for D and I figured others may be interested in similar experiences but not quite know what exactly they want. I'm so excited to offer vacation planning along with my regular services.

Sure, I'm a bit of a control freak, but that's what you like... right?



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