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Role Playing can be so sensual...

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Did you know that I LOVE doing naughty role playing?

I particularly at it when it is an expression of some part of our real selves. I only role play as a dominant because I am naturally dominant. There is a lot of variety and fun we can have with this! 

I enjoy coming up with custom scenarios ones based on your interests and the specific type of dynamics and interactions that gets you off the most.

Below are some suggested scenarios I came up with out of my dirty mind. I am happy to do any of these with you or you can use them as a jumping off point for coming up with your own scenario, or let me know which of these you are most interested and let me know some additional details you’d like to add in.

I'm not afraid of taboo subjects, in fact I enjoy them, so don't hesistant to let me know what you are dreaming of in that dirty little mind of yours...

Teacher/Student - Ever had someone in your life in a teacherly position that you wished would teach you more than history or excel spreadsheets? How old we are is up to you. You can be a young boy and me, a woman in my late 20’s or 30’s who you look up as mature and experienced. Or I can be in my 20’s, hot young teacher, and you an inexperienced and awkward older man aching to touch my young, natural body. Either way, I will walk you through how to please me. You can resist, or happily go along with your learning, but either way; I will have my way and use your mouth, hands and cock to take my pleasure.

Boss/Employee - Sometimes the boss lady needs a little release, you know? After working hard all day, making important decisions, giving orders, she just wants someone to come into her office and help make her cum. Of course Ms.Silver didn’t get where she is by being passive and nice so she will be ordering you around while you pleasure her. She might even have to check her phone while you eat her pussy but this is your job right? She might even threaten to fire you if you don’t comply with her commands. Good thing she gets off just as much by making you cum as well.

Babysitter/Young Boy - At first you’re mad because, at 13 you are way too old to need a babysitter. However, when I show up you stop complaining. At 19, with full pubic, armpit and leg hair you couldn’t be happier to have me around. When I gets close to you, you even realize I smell totally natural and amazing. You haven’t had sex before but you have been masturbating and watching porn. We are watching TV on the couch together and you realize I am scooting closer and closer to you. I start asking you if you have a girlfriend and smiling at you in a way no girl ever has. I laugh at your nervousness as I put your hand on my breast. Things escalate and though you might resist at first, you soon give in to this beautiful older girl making your cock feel so good.

Sorority Girl/Nerd -  I am in a hairy sorority and we share a few classes. I never really give you the time of day, as you are too nerdy. The guys I hang out with are more artsy and alternative than you. I'm not interested in you with your uptight lifestyle, your polo shirts. You start dating my roommate and one day I walk into my dorm room and you are sitting in my bed, jerking off with my panties over your face; you just couldn’t help it, they smell so good, and you didn’t think I'd be coming back till way later. I am pissed and I rip panties out of your hand, shove you down on the bed and start yelling at you. I say I’ll tell your girlfriend, the only girl nerdy enough to date you, if you don’t do exactly what I say and make her cum.

(tone - bratty, entitled, outraged, fun)

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