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Early Summer Dreams

Hello there!

I hope this blog post finds you well! Summer is upon us and I hope the sunshine is lifting your spirits! I will be leaving for many different kinds of travels and adventures soon.

I just finished a whirlwind of a spring shooting schedule! With lots of our favorites, Kisa and Harley and plenty of new comers as well as repeat favorite models. Unfortunantly I had a lot of trouble with my equipment and things kept breaking but I'm confident the content is still top notch quality, and I ended up with some nicer camera's because of it, so not all bad.

Yesterday was my last day shooting outside till September. So I've unpacked my car and re-packed for a summer of car camping and backpacking. I am leaving tomorrow to go spend some time in the woods with my darling Jane. We've really become quite good friends since shooting and see each other every other month or so despite her living far away from me. I'm so grateful such a beautiful, hairy and truly natural lady has entered my life. It doesn't hurt that we like to cuddle and make out and go down on each other either when we see each other.

I went to the Yuba River, a gorgeous river here up in northern California, I rode on a motorcycle there with the boy I've been dating and we backpacked in and camped totally secluded for 2 days, it was super dreamy! He licked my pussy to completion after we went on a long hike. Then we fucked like bunnies till we both collapsed in orgasmed pleasured heaps. Not to mention swimming a the river and making out with each other all slippery and wet.

Well, I have to pack for camping with Jane! I'll be frequently away from my computer this summer but will make sure to write at least a few blog posts to let you know what I'm up to! I hope you enjoy this summer's content, I sure enjoyed making it!


Nikki Silver

Oh additionally - 'Eden' - just won 'Hottest Lesbian Vignette' at the Toronto International Porn Festival, and my art film 'White Fur' took home 'Best Short' - check out more winners here http://www.torontointernationalpornfestival.com/

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