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Deepening my Dominance

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Lately I've really been feeling my dominance and wanting to offer more in depth domination services to my clientele.

As far as 'technical training' in BDSM my experience is indeed limited. Sure, I've gone to some workshops, play parties and been a lifelong BDSM practitioner myself (who currently finds myself on the dominant side of things) but I find the technical details of elaborate rope bondage or using really elaborate equipment, honestly somewhat of a turn off. It's too distracting for me. When I am playing, I am so immersed in the experience that having to pause to remember how to properly tie someone would take me out of it.

That said, psychological domination, and verbal domination are my strong suites! Sure, I am happy to hurt you physically if that's your jam (believe me, I'll enjoy it) but where my power lives is a certain entitlement I have with willing playmates. That you are mine, to play with as I please and the pleasure you experience is at my permission. And the pleasure you give me is at my demand.

Being bossy is truly second nature to me. And I've created multiple business's to prove it. Why do you think I've worked so hard to avoid having a boss, because, nobody, and I said nobody, tells me what to do. It's not that I resist authority, I simply don't recognize it. It's laughable to me.

I recently did a scene with a client that was almost 4 hours long. I thought I would be exhausted at the end, directing this scene with multiple people in it, deciding what happened in every moment and executing it, checking in with the sub, making sure he stayed engaged, it was a lot. But at the end I felt elated, full, happy and energetic! This is my power place, with you under my foot.

Email me with your kinky desires! I promise, even if you don't like pain, the delicious release of having a beautiful woman direct your every move, to your and her mutual sexual satisfaction, well, there's nothing sweeter.



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