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Climate Change is Real

For those of you who follow me on twitter(or pay attention to American news) you are aware that much of California had severe fires this summer/fall. The area I moved to was heavily impacted and I had to evacuate for part of August. Due to this and lingering smoke in the air through out fall, much of my fall season shooting was pushed off. And I had to do more than a few planned outdoor shoots, indoors instead with air purifiers running.

I have always been a strong advocate for the environment for her own merits but it is now becoming clear that if we do not change our heavy reliance on fossil fuels that our ability to continue living on this planet will be threatened/diminished. And not just in poor countries, but right here in the USA. Fires don't care how much money you have.

Of course the major polluters are big factories, but we all play our part. From what products you buy and how they are made, to driving your car, to how you run your heating/air conditioning systems, to how much electricity you use. There are ways to meet all of our needs that do not rely so heavily on fossil fuels and we all know it. We are literally killing the future of, not just the earth, not just the plants and animals but our own children, the next generation.

We'll bend over backwards and spend copious amounts of money to make sure our kids get into a good college but we won't life a finger to make sure the earth will provide that kid with clean air, water and be safe from natural disaster.

The greed has to stop. I for one refuse to continue participating in this system which is killing the earth. I am working towards living off grid and using minimal propane, using passive and active solar, using wood fire. Doing rain water catchment, grey water systems and composting toilets. There are so many amazing renewable resource technologies being created and the majority of people are just ignoring the possibilities of using them.

But even if I make my own carbon footprint very minimal, these crazy fires that are wrecking California will still continue. I don't know how many of you have actually been through a natural disaster type situation and certainly what I personally experienced was very low grade, but it only stands to reason these fires will get worse and I and others will be more severely impacted as time goes on.

I don't have time at the moment to create some, 'how to live sustainably' instructional. This is an appeal to your heart strings and your wallets and your mind. Do you care about your children, the future, my future? Change the way you live, especially if you are in the US. Switch your systems to more eco-friendly versions. Vote for candidates that care about climate change reform and donate your money to organizations that are pushing for the US to lower our emissions.

Much love,

Nikki Silver

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