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Anal Sex Tips 101

So you want to try anal sex, huh?

I don’t pretend to be an expert in anal sex, however I have spent quite a lot of time stimulating the prostate of many of a delighted gentleman.

In my explorations I have had the good fortune of developing relationships with a few enthusiasts who have really broadened my understanding and appreciation for the fine art of anal penetration.

Last fall in New York I got to meet a real doctor who specializing in helping men receive anal sex. I got a whole lesson in anatomy, best practices, tips and techniques, and we got to practice it all on a very sweet client of mine.

So, between my various experiences, here are my instructions/tips on how to make my time in your ass as seamless and sexy as possible.

~ Clean out Properly ~

If you’ve never done this before, you are going to learn now. I had the strange but not unpleasant experience of doing some porn as a submissive when I was younger and for one video I received many enemas. I honestly would not do that now but it was an interesting experience.

The main thing with douching is that you only want to rinse out your rectum, you do not want to actually rinse your colon. That will cause all kinds of things to come loose that you’d rather stay where they are.

Go to the store and buy a fleet enema, (as pictured in this video) empty the saline solution and fill it with warm/room temperature water from the tap. Go in the bathroom, get on all fours with your ass in the air and squirt it on in. You’ll want to be relaxing your butt muscles as you do this and try to do a sucking in motion with your rectum if you are able.

Wait 10 seconds or so and then release into toilet. Repeat that 2-3 or until the water runs clear but if after say 4 times it’s not running clear. You may want to stop as at that point you may be flushing your colon. Unless you know that, that’s normal for you, at that point I would stop ask myself or another knowledgable person for advice.

~ Plan your eating accordingly ~

You don’t want to starve yourself but if you are able to somewhat keep track of your digestive system and how long food tends to take to pass through your system that is helpful. Perhaps eat lightly the night before and day of.

~ Experiment with a butt plug ~

If you’ve never put anything in your butt before, while I would be so honored to be the first, that will take LOTS of time, warming up. If you’d like to expedite the process a little and do some homework you can get a very small butt plug, some nice lubricant, and play at home.

Get, nice and relaxed, maybe after a warm bath so you’re muscles are warm and loose. Lay down on your back and jerk off a little bit. Put some lube on the end of the butt plug and rub it around the outside of your anus, when you’re ready slowly start pushing it in, likely you will eventually feel it stop and then the plug will be inside you!

For now, leave it there and continue to stroke your cock. Masturbate to completion and repeat. If you continue to do this you can try bigger and bigger butt plugs and experiment with pushing on the butt plug for some added sensation.

~ Work on Deeply Relaxing ~

There are many ways our bodies are cued to relax and release tension by our mind or external stimuli. Here are few ways to get your sphincter muscles into a deeply relaxed state.

-Warm shower or bath. By far my favorite way to relax, it always amazes me how quickly my body goes from tense to loose when I enter water.

-Practice mindful meditation. If you do not have a meditation practice you can find so many easy 10 minute guides on youtube. I like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZToicYcHIOU

-Marijuana! If you choose to partake, does have the effect of relaxing the body. A small amount of alcohol will work similarly but I don’t suggest getting drunk. If you are new to marijuana and would like to experiment with a true connoisseur I am happy to be your guide and provider.

-Listen to soothing music. What that is different for everyone so if you don’t already know what you like, try to browsing Spotify. If you feel so inclined try moving your body around to a beat, it feels really good, I promise. Here is a playlist I find especially soothing.

Congratulations on beginning your journey in prostate and anal stimulation. Buckle up pretty boy, I can’t wait to get my hands on you!

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