Update* - I am not currently touring due to covid-19. I am traveling to see one client at a time for the minimum amounts of time listed on the 'Contact' page. The below is information for you, for when I am touring again. 

1 hour .......... 800

1.5 hours .......... 1100

2 hours .......... 1400

3 hours .......... 2000

4 hours .......... 2500

6 hours .......... 3000

17 hour overnight + breakfast in bed (8 hours of sleep) .......... 4000

a full day(24 hours) 6000

a weekend 10,000

'Out on the town' .......... 200 // hour (not available during covid)

Any session longer than 3 hours must have a meal as part of it. If you prefer to remain behind closed doors we can certainly order room service or delivery. You are welcome to mix and match your preferred amount of 'Out and 'In' time or ask for my suggestion. 

 Please book the amount of time you desire in advance, session extensions are not an option unless asked about it ahead of time. 

Please inquire within for 'Duo' rates.













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