There is little in life as intimate as spending extended one on one time with another person, especially in this time where our connections to each other are being shortened, kept at bay, regulated, it makes me quite sad. 


But we can have an experience together that defies the tragedy of these times. The safest way to spend time with people right now is to limit our engagements and make those engagements really count!


Let me give you an experience of authentic interaction and being seen for who you really are.


I’m known for my piercing eye contact and probing questions, coupled with soothing caresses. When I’m with someone my attention is on them 100%. I’m so curious what makes other people tick, especially when those people are my admirers.


Let me regale you with stories of my wild life (I promise, it’s even more wild than it appears online.) I want to know about your hopes and desires. Tell me about your childhood, your best friend, the love of your life, the most beautiful place you’ve ever been, what your scared of, what you so very deeply desire.


Let’s stay up into the night dreaming of the world we want to live in, together.


We’ll get acquainted over a room service dinner at the hotel or cook together at the airbnb I’ve rented for us. I’d love to share some cannabis with you if that’s something you like. If not, some wine will do just fine. (Or sober if you prefer!) Let’s kiss and cuddle for a while. Really slow down. We have no where more important to be than right here. 


You lick and kiss me head to toe, me guiding your face and your hands exactly where I want them to be. Eventually pushing you between my legs and riding your face to orgasm.


If you like golden showers, I’ll guide you to the bathroom to experience the force of my nectar. We take a sensual and goofy shower together, playing and laughing, soaping each other up. 


We return to the bed, and pleasure each other into the night.


Do you have a hard time sleeping with new people, need a little alone time in the morning to re-set yourself and show up your best? Me too! We’ll get a place with 2 rooms. I’ll come back at our arranged time in the morning to have an indulgent breakfast in bed together. Or maybe I’ll bop out early and pick us up something yummy. Depending where we are maybe I’ll cook you breakfast!


Now that we’ve built some trust we can really get into the kinkier stuff. I so appreciate you trusting me with this! Or if you lean more vanilla and want to keep chatting and sharing stories while kissing and cuddling in bed, that’s great too! If there’s anything left on your list of things to do and try (kinky and not), this is when we’ll indulge in them...

You’ll leave feeling refreshed, titillated and that you’ve just made a new friend. One who really saw you for who you are and what you needed.

17 hour overnight (9 hours of sleep) ................. 5000