A little about  me ...

My name is Nikki and I am a throwback to another time. I live in the woods of Northern California with my cat Chicken and roam freely between the city and the country.  

You may be familiar with my photography work and my career as a model. I am the star model, director, webmistress and owner of my site; NaughtyNatural.com. I love the freedom of erotic expression it’s given me as well as the opportunity to connect and work with so many beautiful models in so many beautiful locations! My films and site have won multiple international awards.  

When I’m not busy creating content for my site, I indulge in bodily pleasures and exploration of the natural world. I am a true sensualist in body, mind, and soul; I live for sensory experiences. The feeling of water sliding over my skin, delicious foods fresh from the earth, the baking warmth of the sun, and fresh, crisp air. 

I am a sun junky, a mermaid, a gardener, a bird watcher and an earth tender.  

I love swimming in cold rivers, soaking in hot springs, dancing like everyone’s watching, kissing whomever I please, and laughing with abandon. I am in love with the land that is now called California.  

I am no pristine doll. I am a salt of the earth woman with a penchant for pleasure. You are just as likely to find with me a hammer in my hand as a glass of Pino, or more likely wandering down a river naked in nothing but a pair of teva's and a baseball cap, looking for a good spot to masturbate. ;)