The Hairy Goddess of your Dreams in the Flesh 

My life’s work, my life’s love is to help others and myself achieve maximum pleasure, fulfillment and connection. I see so many people walking through their lives stunted and repressed, when just one experience or conversation could push them into actualizing their potential as a fully expressive, jubilant and loving human being. A person capable of making themselves happy, as well as the people around them.


In my personal life I have only ever been attracted to men who had a sort of reverent attitude towards me. The men I am attracted to are never pushy or entitled. They view me as something very precious, which, I am of course. Not frail or helpless but a spectacular feat of nature which survives and thrives. Like a rare orchid, delicate and beautiful yet strong. 


The biggest difference I have observed between men and women is that many men think sex is about genitals, stimulating them as quickly as possible and move into other activities with the same immediacy. This just doesn’t work for most women. Most women, myself included, don’t just ‘need to be warmed up,’ the build towards genital stimulation is in itself an experience and a beautiful one to be savored and drawn out as long as possible. Touch should be slow and soft, very gradually moving into firmer pressure. 


You must keep in mind that while the penis has only 4,000 nerve endings over a member 4-9 inches in length, which is rubbed and exposed all day, the clitoris is very small and hides all day long, protecting it’s 8,000+ nerve endings! The rough stimulation your penis needs to get an erection is not at all comparable to what a clitoris wants. I personally, don’t even like stimulation directly on my clitoris as it’s too sensitive. I much prefer gentle stimulation over the hood. 


There seems to be a cultural norm that women want men to take control during sex, not necessarily in a rough manner but just in terms of directing the activity and moving the woman's body around. Perhaps wrapping his arms around her neck, making her feel surrounded by his body.

While some women enjoy this, I personally desire the opposite. I have a personal inclination towards smaller men and even if you aren’t small, if I like you, I will imagine you to be so. I enjoy things like being the big spoon, being on top, holding the back of my lovers head with my hand and bending him over while I kiss him passionately. 


There are many reasons for this, but the main one being simply that I like to be in control, I have a dominant leaning personality and I feel that men I sleep with should be my students and let me guide them through the experience of being with me. I decide when you go down on me, I decide when I want to ride your cock. This isn’t to say I don’t care for your input, I most certainly do, but in the form of requests; never commands. 


I have been told by many clients, and indeed lovers how it is such a relief to be with me. For the pressure they normally feel to guide the interaction, to woo the girl, to be in control to simply fall away. The experience of being lead through a sexual experience by a woman is new to many men and I really enjoy being a first time! There is no ‘guessing what I like’ because I will simply tell you what to do and how to pleasure me. There is no need to worry about if you are doing the right thing. 


I am not mean. What I desire isn’t your typical ‘dominatrix’ scenario. I want to kiss and cuddle and laugh with my lovers.


I want to run my fingers through his hair and tell him what a good job he is doing as he licks my hairy pussy exactly in the manner I instruct him to. I want to hear him gasp as he feels how wet my hairy pussy is on his stomach, right above his cock as I straddle him to give him a deep kiss and press my hairy armpit and soft breast into his face, teasing him with the nipple, just out of reach. I want him to strain his head to reach my pussy as I take his whole cock into my wet mouth. And finally I want him to gently hold my hips as I ride his cock into waves of powerful orgasm, grinding my body into his, unable to hold back. 


And these are just my 'vanilla offerings.' I am also an expert in prostate pleasure, golden showers and much more...


In this sexist society, which not only wants women to look like little girls through things like shaving, but expects women to be non-actors in sexual situations and simply lay back and accept whatever the man feels like doing; 


I desire sex which liberates us from these tyrannical and utterly tired dynamics. 


I am powerful; and I think you will find that if you allow my power to run through you, you will feel safe and held and more connected to me and your own pleasure than you thought imaginable.


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